A collection of research projects engaging with critical questions around new technologies.
EMS Drummer is an ongoing collaboration with Pedro Lopes, aiming to discover whether beginner drummers can be faster taught polyphonic drumming patterns using EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation). Electrodes are attached directly to the drummer's arms and an electrical pulse is sent through the electrodes triggering an involuntary muscle contraction, forcing a drum hit. The pulses are controlled through a step sequencer interface.
Virtual Reality Game was a collaboration with Cara Mills challenging the the tendency for contemporary VR experiences to push for more engagement and immersion. The work culminated in a VR game and installation that rewarded players for boredom experienced in game, using an EEG tracker as a proxy for estimating boredom.
MIT media lab "Signal and Noise" was a weeklong workshop ran in Berlin. The result was an installation work critical of the power structure and percieved relationships of people and AI. The installation comprised of a screen with a learning agent playing a game of Atari Pong. As the viewer approached the screen, the agent played better. The viewer is left to speculate on the nature of their role. Group image courtesy ofMonica Vlad.
Emboject was a collaboration between Julian and Alex Gruz that used Virtual Reality to explore scale and object acoustics.
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