Julian Tapales's (b. Philippines) work starts from the position of the stranger, an outsider that stares in. Based in London and Manila, his installations attempt to exhume and sublimate artefacts and technology, exposing hidden origins in contemporary ideologies and tracing connections across histories and cultures. His work orbits around literature; contemplating how the letter is simultaneously an icon and a mark in a series, how the written word produces a proliferation of images, how historical residues linger and how certain forms of knowledge are non-discursive, predicated on a world that existed before language.

In his expanded research, Tapales uses emerging and archaic technologies as strategies to collect, produce, contextualise and disseminate knowledge; on behalf of his practice and alongside others. Selected past collaborations include GraphTrace, an international patent-pending initiative to measure misinformation, and Mutual Aid Wiki, an open-source, horizontally organised platform for over six thousand mutual aid groups around the world.