Research Outcomes, 2024

Butanding Barrio Residency with Art Fair Philippines.

When a map is made, knowledge of one kind crosses a threshold into another: something is forgotten and something becomes possible. Before coordinates, people crossed oceans by referencing stars.

I used Photogrammetry, a technique that translates images into 3D models, to reconstruct the interior of Ille Cave. My computer gets very hot during this operation. After several hours a new file appears; an abstraction of the world has been created. Maps and 3D scans accomplish similar things, they present some of the world to us in a form that we can manipulate omnipotently. Maps also make territories real so that people can claim ownership of them.

Ille Cave contains evidence of early cremation. The bones were crushed (durog) and then placed inside a wooden vessel that was set on fire. Archaeologists realised after painstakingly assembling bone fragments that they almost made an entire person; female, high rank, Babaylan?

Maybe abstractions work in a similar way: by extracting what is believed to be the most representative parts of something and then setting it on fire so that a threshold is crossed and a certain reality continues.


Alexis Oshima, Ton Mendoza, Terence Ver S. Angsioco, Dominador Gillang Jr, Gemarie Vallejo, Hermine Xhauflair, Butanding Barrio Staff, The Mango Tree Workshop